The Poland-Israel War is a masterpiece of political marketing.

Israel as an enemy was chosen perfectly well. It is ruled by right-wing populists, so it was possible to accurately predict a mirror mechanism of sharp reactions. And it is precisely these reactions of Kaczynski who are concerned about.

Nothing consolidates power as well as war. The war breaks national divisions and removes all claims of power from citizens. War also helps to distinguish between “patriots” and “traitors”. If your goal is absolute power and the costs do not matter to you, call up a war. Of course,”in the right thing”. The best thing you can’t lose. This is how rulers did in antiquity, and so do rulers today: Putin (in Chechnya, Crimea and Ukraine) and Erdogan (running the war against the Kurds and recently entering Syria).

It is easy to provoke a real war when you are a superpower or a parochial. The powers conduct their wars on their terms. In turn wars of parasitic parasites go through the world unnoticed, so they can be fought for a long time and with impunity. Unfortunately, Polish Jaroslaw Kaczynski does not meet neither the first nor the second criterion. It is too small to lead the war alone – such as Russia or Turkey. Too large and too centrally located in Europe to create a peripheral conflict with a neighbour. There is also no national minority that could be oppressed, there is no small uprising that would stifle the “patriotic government of national rescue” with the support of the patriots. As a NATO member and part of the European Union, it has numerous limitations. A real war is therefore out of the question, but a symbolic war can successfully play the same role.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski needs such a symbolic war. The first attempt was to confront Brussels. The PiS government was doing what it could to provoke a strong reaction from the other side. His official propaganda, their politicians and diplomats attacked Brussels officials and hoped that they would respond with aggression. Dormant. The reaction was firm, but still calm. Neither did society buy this war. The PR workers working for the authorities at the government camp finally got to know that Poles placed to choose between national pride and European funds can choose the latter. Thus PR-people started to look for another war. And wonder who would best fit the role of a Poland and Polish antagonist. Brussels bureaucracy is hard to love, but it is equally difficult to hate it. National states are a much more grateful target of the attack, because nationalism plays symmetrically on both sides, it can be quickly escalated to defend itself later:”You see what are they doing to us? The figure of the enemy is necessary in order to reliably play (again) an innocent sacrifice and consolidate the citizens around the highest values of dignity and honour.

If an enemy is to be a country, it is best not to be economically dependent on it. Sorrowful economic sanctions can have an impact on the standard of living of the sovereign. Germany is therefore unsuitable. Nor should it be a country that could actually endanger us militarily. The fear of Poles’ consequences would eliminate the desired effect. Thus, Russia is also falling apart. It would be a good thing if war hatred could be based on real resentment: barely healed wounds, newly cured complexes, mutual resentment, smoldering resentments, historical reluctance – this is the ideal. So it fell on Israel.

The current conflict is not a strategic mistake by Jaroslaw Kaczynski or an accident at work. Israel was provoked into a symbolic war with premeditation. What does this thesis support? 

Firstly, the Act on the IPN (Existence of National Memory) was written in such a way that it is possible, depending on the needs, to show its two faces. For internal use, we should say that it is a correct proposal to remove the notion of “Polish extermination camps” from world debates. Everybody will agree that it is right! And for external use, irritate the Jews to the highest possible extent, suggesting prison sentences for any accusations of Poles for murders. This provision of the law was supposed to bring Israel to rage.

Secondly, the amendment was passed on the eve of the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is difficult to choose a better moment to trigger a reaction.

Thirdly, Prime Minister Morawiecki talked to Prime Minister Netanyahu about the necessary consultations on the bill, after which the Senate voted through it without amendments. The Israeli Ambassador Anna Azari was invited by the Speaker of the Senate for talks two days later, when there was no longer anything to talk about. Much has therefore been done to maximise the effect of the destruction by the IPN Act. Not only has the public opinion in Israel been distracted, but Israel’s diplomacy has been humiliated in all its ways.

Such a war cannot be lost.

The effect of the Act is that the phrase “Polish death camps” was written 25 million times on Twitter itself on 27 January. If you sum up all the social media, the numbers are cosmic. And the Polish government did not prepare any response. The reader interested in the subject has no chance of learning historical truth, reads only about controversies. Total embarrassment. It does not matter at all, because it was not the aim of legislation to fight defamation. No information material has been produced on this subject. Instructions for Polish diplomacy were not even sent on time. Nothing. In internal propaganda Poles will be able to say that this is about “Polish death camps”. And present the homeland in her favorite poses of the eternal victim of aggressors or, better still, international conspiracies. And because Israel claims something completely different, it does not matter at all. No one looks at details in the patriotic rush. Ideally. In the world they don’t understand why Poles do such things. In Poland, nobody understands what they claim in the world. It is also great, because such a war cannot be lost!

Israel as an enemy was chosen perfectly well. It is ruled by nationalist right-wing populists. The mechanism of official reactions and social indignation could have been accurately predicted. They are even more patriotic than Poles are. The Knesset is already working on a symmetrical law. Poles are thrown with pebbles on the beach in Israel, saying:”A good Pole is a dead Pole. In Poland,”Super Express” prints the title:”That’s what Jews from Poland want: forests, factories, even a trillions of gold. In public television there are jokes about Jews in the crematoria. In Zielona Góra, on a plaque commemorating the Nazis’ burning of the synagogue on a crystal night, the following inscription appears:”Jude raus”. We impose ourselves a terrible murder of anti-Semitic and silent associates of Hitler. But well, the spiral of mutual hatred set off. All of them play roles in it.

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